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Sound Attenuation of Perforated Plates

Noisy neighbors? Do you need acoustical isolation? Then perhaps making holes in your walls will solve your problems. That is what our study reveals: sound can be more efficiently screened by plates when holes are drilled through them, and interestingly, such screening occurs over a surprisingly wide range of frequencies. Furthermore, these perforated plates become nearly transparent to sound at lower frequencies, even though the fraction of area occupied by the holes is very small. Our results can find application in sound proofing, particularly when weight is an issue (e.g., in aeronautics). This study has been performed in collaboration with the Instituto de Optica (CSIC) in Madrid.


Our articles about Sound Attenuation of Perforated Plates:


Extraordinary Sound Screening in Perforated Plates

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H. Estrada, P. Candelas, A. Uris, F. Belmar, F. J. García de Abajo and F. Meseguer

Physical Review Letters, 101, 084302 (2008)



Influence of the Hole Filling Fraction on the Ultrasonic Transmission Through Plates with Subwavelength Aperture Arrays

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H. Estrada, P. Candelas, A. Uris, F. Belmar, F. Meseguer and F. J. G. de Abajo
Applied Physics Letters, 93, 011907 (2008)